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Prince Harry: That very peculiar day when his morale was at its lowest


Away from his family since he moved to Los Angeles with Meghan Markle, Prince Harry was at his lowest ebb last June on a very special day, according to one source.

Would Prince Harry have a hard time living away from the royal family? While several sources say he has been “unhappy” since he moved to Los Angeles with Meghan Markle and their son Archie, it seems that the Duke of Sussex recently experienced a drop in morale on a very special day: Prince William‘s birthday. On June 21, the Duke of Cambridge‘s brother was particularly depressed, according to a source in the Sunday Mirror, in part because he is “tormented by his broken family ties.

Cut off from royal life since last March after renouncing their status as senior members of the royal family, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry now want to set up a production company, while they recently closed their charitable foundation, Sussex Royal.

But this life away from the limelight doesn’t seem to make the couple any happier. Indeed, if the Duke of Sussex suffers from being away from his family, his wife would not be far behind. This worries his family, who deplore the fact that she has “become very quiet” and feels “extremely weak”. And the tensions with the royal family would not be foreign to this decline in morale for the couple.

Meghan “more distant and introverted” since she has been living in Los Angeles…

Also embroiled in a legal battle against British tabloids for revealing a letter written to her father after her marriage, the Duchess of Sussex also blamed the royal family for failing to protect her during her pregnancy.

“Meghan has been much more distant and introverted in recent weeks – her family is worried,” reports one source. There has been an unfriendly atmosphere within the Sussex couple, while Prince Harry has also been suffering from his relationship with his brother William for several months. On the rocks with his elder brother, however, the young father has been able to reconcile with him thanks to the help of a matchmaker. A glimmer of hope for the grandson of Her Majesty Elizabeth II, who is struggling to find his feet in California.

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