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Prince Harry: that little change of look that did not go unnoticed


In a virtual event, Prince Harry spoke from his Montecito villa where he now resides with Meghan Markle and their son Archie. It was an opportunity to unveil his new haircut.

A little change for Prince Harry. Now settled in California with his wife Meghan Markle and their son Archie, the Duke of Sussex doesn’t seem to have changed much in his royal life. Always involved with many organizations and associations, he sent a virtual message to the participants of the Trailwalker Relay 2020 organized by Gurka Welfare Trust and Oxfam. It was an opportunity for him to unveil a small change that has not gone unnoticed.

Prince Harry appeared with a new haircut as reported in the Daily Mail. A small but notable change for the Duke of Sussex, who is not the only one to have opted for a hair change since his arrival in California, since Meghan Markle also changed her look after leaving the royal family.

A new look for a new life? In any case, little Archie’s father seems not to want to lose everything he has acquired from his life in England, as he has decided to renew his helicopter pilot’s license.

Meghan and Harry’s little sweet sin in Los Angeles

Although his military titles have recently been taken away, Prince Harry seems to be adjusting well to life in the United States, with Meghan Markle more involved than ever in the American presidential election next November.

And the Sussex couple even now has its little habits, especially when it comes to a little sweet sin: burgers. “They often go to In-N-Out Burger to the great surprise of the employees who serve them,” reported one source. Anyone who knows Harry knows that he likes nothing more than a good burger! He loves fast food, so it’s no surprise that he goes there.” And to please little Archie’s father, his wife doesn’t miss an opportunity to accompany him!

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