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Prince Harry motivated by money? King Charles III and Prince William’s bad feeling


While relations seem as tense as ever, Prince Harry would like to reconnect with those closest to him. A reconciliation that those close to the Duke of Sussex are apprehensive about. They fear that Meghan Markle’s husband will publicise his return to the royal family, as Paul Burrell revealed to the Mirror on Thursday 23 November.

Is it time for reconciliation? Although his relations with members of the royal family have not been at their best since he left for the United States, Prince Harry seems keen to bury the hatchet. On 14 November, Meghan Markle’s husband put aside his resentment and exchanged a few words with his father Charles III by telephone, on the occasion of his 75th birthday. An attempt at rapprochement that is reportedly causing some concern among the Crown, as former royal butler Paul Burrell told the Mirror on Thursday 23 November. “I think there is a very bad feeling within the royal family about Harry and Meghan, that if they let them back into the royal fold, they will be betrayed again.” According to Paul Burrel, they fear that Lilibet and Archie’s father will flaunt his return to the royal family in the press. “They see it as airing dirty laundry in public and telling stories in public,” he added.

And with good reason, those close to the Duke of Sussex remain deeply hurt by the shocking statements he made in his memoirs. As a result, Paul Burrell believes that a return to normality is unlikely. “They threw other members of the family under the bus, which is well documented now, and you can’t go back: once you’ve done it,” he confided. Before concluding, “It’s a cruel world but the royal family have to be like that to survive and not let one of their own damage the privileged world they live in.” Will they be able to wipe the slate clean? To be continued…

Meghan Markle ready for a reconciliation?

Nostalgic for his years spent on British soil, Prince Harry would not be against the idea of reconnecting with his loved ones and resuming some of his royal duties. A step that Meghan Markle could well accept for love, but also for the sake of her career. Witness the revelations of a source in an exchange with Closer on Wednesday 22 November. “Meghan and Harry are in panic mode and it is becoming increasingly clear that their royal worth is diminishing, which is having repercussions for their careers in Hollywood,” the source told our sources.

According to him, the Sussexes would like to reconnect with the British royal family as soon as possible. “They both know that their success relies on their royal connections and being snubbed at Charles’ birthday celebrations was a huge wake-up call that the royal family are no longer willing to pretend to fund their Hollywood lifestyle,” the source added, before continuing, “Meghan is now pushing for a reconciliation. She says she won’t be seen as having two faces, but they will have to make an effort to keep their bond. It’s a difficult balance to strike and it’s causing tension.”

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