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Prince Harry: His look-alike in the series The Crown


The filming of the fifth season of The Crown should begin next July. But the production faces a serious problem: it can not find the actor who will play the role of Prince Harry, and for a very particular reason …

If the series The Crown is not unanimous within the royal family of England, it is a hit with Netflix subscribers. And they are eagerly awaiting the release of season 5. The next season of the series, which traces the political rivalries, intrigues and events that marked the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and the second half of the twentieth century, is in full preparation. It is expected to cover the years 1990 to 1997, which were very eventful for the royal family with, in particular, the separation of Prince Charles and Diana but also those of his sister and brother, Princess Anne and Prince Andrew. The filming is scheduled to start in July. However, the production is facing a major problem: it has still not found the actor who will play Prince Harry, according to The Sun.

The reason? “A shortage of actors with red hair”. “Producers have incredibly selective criteria when it comes to the actors they hire,” an anonymous source revealed to the newspaper. So each candidate has to check a lot of boxes. But for the role of young Harry, they wanted another crucial box checked.” In this upcoming season, Prince Harry will range in age from 6 to 13. “This proved incredibly difficult, but they are determined to choose the right actor, and are thinking through all the necessary steps to make him fit the role,” added the same source.

Damian Lewis - IMDb
Damian Lewis


Prince Harry would like to see his character played by Damian Lewis

A series on which Prince Harry recently gave his opinion on the series. “They do not pretend to be information, it is fiction, but it is loosely based on reality. Of course, it’s not strictly accurate. Basically, it gives you an idea about this lifestyle and what the pressure of the service is, of the family…”, he had confided to James Corden in The Late Late Show, last February. The husband of Meghan Markle would also see himself embodied by the actor Damian Lewis, notably seen in the series Homeland, he had revealed.

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