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Prince Harry Gives A Rare Address: “Life Has Changed Dramatically For All Of Us.”


This Saturday, May 9, Prince Harry was to participate in the launch of the fifth edition of the Invictus Games. A cause close to his heart, unfortunately postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Thus, the Duke of Sussex spoke, in a rare address published on the competition’s Twitter account.

Isolated in Los Angeles, Prince Harry struggles to adapt to his new life, surrounded by Meghan Markle’s relatives. The Duke of Sussex could have taken comfort in a cause that is close to his heart and of which he is the creator. That is, the fifth edition of the Invictus Games, a multi-sport competition for wounded and disabled soldiers and war veterans. It was due to kick off on Saturday 9 May in The Hague, the Netherlands.

But like all cultural and sporting events, the Invictus Games have been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. Dutch authorities have so far registered 3.9 million cases of Covid-19 and 277,000 people have died from the disease. As a reminder, the threat was already looming as early as March 2020. A hard blow for Prince William’s younger brother, who nevertheless made it a point of honour to give priority to the safety of the participants. It is thus in a video, filmed in California, that Prince Harry expressed himself, this Saturday, May 9.

A rare speech relayed on the Twitter account of Invictus Games. For, indeed, the main concerned was more discreet since his departure for North America. “Life has changed dramatically for all of us,” he said at first, “but the Invictus Games 2020 team has done an incredible job of adapting to the situation so quickly.” Anyone who would be saddened by his brother’s absence at his side remains optimistic that the 2021 Invictus Games are slowly coming together. “The new dates will be communicated to you soon,” assures the young father. Nor does he hesitate to express his support for the “Invictus family”, inviting them to pull together at a time when everyone’s mental health (another important cause for the grandson of Her Majesty Elizabeth II) may be affected. “Even though we can’t be together, I’m very happy that there are a lot of virtual activities planned for this week [the Invictus games are scheduled to end on Saturday, May 16, 2020] and I encourage you to participate,” he added. Following this, Prince Harry announces that a virtual conference, in collaboration with “international speakers”, will also take place in the coming days. The aim? “To bring The Hague home,” he concludes.


Graciously hosted by a famous producer

For the time being, Prince Harry is holed up in a luxurious villa in Los Angeles, owned by actor and movie producer Tyler Perry. A close friend of the famous American hostess Oprah Winfrey, whose couple is close. A discreet and temporary move for Sussex. And, contrary to the first announcements, Meghan Markle and her husband are accommodated as guests with their son, while the owner has taken refuge in his mansion in Atlanta, Georgia. A forgivable loan that casts doubt on the couple’s financial situation four months after the couple’s abrupt departure from the Firm and their decision to become independent.

Photo credits: Backgrid USA / Bestimage

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