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Prince Harry finally explains what he thinks of the series The Crown


A guest on The Late Late Show, Prince Harry shared his views on the series The Crown, whose latest episodes have irritated the British royal family.

Prince Harry, who has long been out of the media spotlight since his departure from the UK, has made a number of appearances and made an unprecedented appearance on The Late Late Late Show with host James Corden. During the show, the two men found themselves aboard an open-air bus, having tea while driving through the streets of Los Angeles.

An exercise during which the Duke of Sussex confided in the Megxit… and the series of The Crown. While most members of the royal family booed season 4 (the new round of episodes had a direct negative impact on Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles), Prince Harry decided to defend the Netflix program.

“They don’t claim to be current affairs, it’s fiction but it’s vaguely based on reality. Of course, it’s not strictly accurate. Basically, it gives you an idea of the lifestyle and what the pressures of service, of family are,” he told James Corden. The young father feels “more comfortable with The Crown than with the stories told about my family, my wife or myself. For him, the information published in the tabloids “are reported as accurate facts”, unlike fiction, where everyone is free to interpret the plots on the screen.

Big contract with Netflix

So Harry’s opinion is far less clear-cut than his family’s. He would even see the actor Damian Lewis, notably seen in the series Homeland, play his character on screen. An agreed answer, which reflects the uncomfortable position in which the prince finds himself. For he and his wife, Meghan Markle, have signed a very juicy contract with Netflix… the producer and broadcaster of The Crown.

According to some sources, the agreement signed between the two parties would be worth about 100 million pounds (115 million euros). A nice sum with which Archie’s parents intend to offer their own documentaries, films or even children’s programs. It is therefore impossible for the prince to make the slightest criticism, without finding himself in the middle of a conflict of interests.

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