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Prince Harry back with Meghan, Archie and Lilibet after his meeting with Prince William


The round trip was express. After attending the unveiling ceremony of the statue of Lady Di, Prince Harry headed to the airport to return to California with his wife and children.

A small tour and then leaves. No question for Prince Harry to linger in England, where he will finally stay only seven days. Just enough time to observe his 5 days of mandatory isolation, given the health restrictions in force and to attend the inauguration of the statue in tribute to his mother Lady Di on Thursday, July 1.

Just after the ceremony, the Duke of Sussex did not lose a minute and quickly headed directly to the airport, where he boarded the first flight to Los Angeles, as reported by Hello. At the moment, the son of Prince Charles has already found his wife Meghan Markle and his two children Archie and Lilibet, who have wisely waited in their home in Montecito. For the time being, it is still unknown when the next return of Prince Harry to his family, across the Channel, is planned.

Prince Harry could he explain with his brother William?

While their reunion at the tribute to their mother was particularly expected, William and Harry did not appear complicit during this very formal event that lacked a little warmth. The brothers looked as if they were embarrassed to be alone face to face in front of the cameras, so they often turned their backs, lowering their heads, without exchanging a glance.

Attitudes that say a lot about the state of relations between the two princes, who do not seem ready to bury the hatchet yet. While it was said that they were to meet after the tribute, to discuss and put things flat right after the tribute, it seems that each has finally gone back to his side.

William and Harry: This icy exchange on the sidelines of the tribute to their mother Diana

Princes William and Harry spoke for a few minutes before the unveiling of the statue of their mother, according to information published by The Mirror this Friday, July 2.

An expected reunion. Since the departure of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from the Royal family in January 2020, relations between the two brothers have been very tense. After not having seen each other for several months, they first met again at the funeral of Prince Philip last April.

This Thursday, July 1, both inaugurated the statue made in the image of their mother, Lady Diana, on the occasion of what should have been her sixtieth birthday. While they put aside their differences to unveil it, The Mirror reported that upon arrival, Prince Harry was not greeted by his brother. However, the two were able to talk for a few minutes before the statue was unveiled. “They chatted for about ten minutes before heading to Sunken Garden,” says the media.

Afterwards, the two princes exchanged a glass of champagne and, according to information from the tabloid, they were “smiling and they both talked”. During this ceremony, they also wanted to pay tribute to their mother: “Every day, we would like her to be with us. We hope that this statue will be seen as an eternal symbol of her life and what she left,” they said before thanking Ian Rank-Broadley, the author of this work.

This Thursday, July 1 was a very special day for Princes William and Harry. When they arrived, the statue of their mother was covered with a green sheet, so that both could unveil it. In an interview with The Mirror, lip-reading specialist Jeremy Freeman, spoke about the few words the two brothers said during the tribute. Moments before removing the sheet, Prince William was panicked at the thought of not getting it right.

“I wouldn’t want anything to go wrong, it’s important that we unveil it properly. It’s important that we do it right,” he reportedly told his brother. To which Meghan Markle’s husband immediately retorted, “Everything will be fine.” Once this step was over, Prince Harry exclaimed: “We did it! Wow! Isn’t it amazing?”. Very moved by the statue, Kate Middleton‘s husband added: “What a revelation”. The two princes, as well as the British, were able to discover a statue of two meters high, made of bronze. Lady Diana is in the center and she is surrounded by three children, symbol of her commitment to children.


Lady Diana: why was the statue placed in Sunken Garden?

The location for the statue of Princess Diana was chosen by Princes William and Harry. It is located in Sunken Garden, in the gardens of Kensington Palace. A very symbolic place since it was very popular with the princess but it is also the official residence of Prince William, his wife Kate Middleton and their three children, Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte.

In addition, it was in this place that Prince Harry had introduced Meghan Markle to the press, in November 2017. The couple had announced their engagement before posing for photographers. This work allows to pay a new tribute to a young woman who was very appreciated and whose death was a real shock.

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