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Prince Harry annoyed by a rumor, HE YELLS IN DIFFAMATION


According to the revelations in the Mail on Sunday, Prince Harry would no longer attach importance to the British armed forces since the Megxit. Meghan Markle’s husband formally denies this.

Accustomed to criticism, Prince Harry always lets it slip. But this time, the younger son of Prince Charles and Lady Di sees red. According to the revelations of the Mail on Sunday, the husband of Meghan Markle would have left the British army, his Achilles’ heel, since the Megxit, pronounced in March 2019.

The man who was thus stripped of his royal, but also military, titles would have never again contacted the armed forces, whether by “telephone, letter or e-mail”. Major General Julian Thompson would regret this lack of involvement. “He is expected to attend events, to be present and as accessible as his grandfather (Prince Philip).

“Furious, Prince William’s little brother would shout out the rumor. According to the information of the royal expert Katie Nicholl, reported by Vanity Fair on Monday, October 26th, the father of little Archie would have sent a legal warning to the newspaper. Prince Harry’s lawyers consider this article “false and defamatory”.

Nothing could hurt Prince Harry more than that. The man who had been appointed Captain General of the Marines in 2017 before having to retire from his post in March 2019 would never have left the armed forces.

“He may have been made to relinquish his title, but he did not abandon the military. Far from it,” a source close to the former soldier told Vanity Fair. An assistant to the former Duke of Sussex also came to his aid. “To say that he has not been in contact with the Marines is not true.

He had many conversations with former colleagues during the lockdown,” he said, adding that he is still “in regular contact with many military personnel, both privately and personally. »

A hereditary attachment

In 2015, Prince Harry hung up the uniform of the British army. After ten years of good and loyal service, Prince Charles’ youngest son left His Majesty’s Troops for good. In a press release, reported by L’Express, Captain Wales, as he was appointed to the army, said he had had “a fulfilling career and considers it a great honour to have served his country in the armed forces.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry
 Agence / Bestimage


After fulfilling his childhood dream, however, Prince Harry could not, however, part with military life. In 2017, he inherited the role of Captain of the Queen’s Marines and succeeded Prince Philip, who had served in that position for 64 years.

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