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Prince Harry and Meghan VS Prince William and Kate: Reunion Coming Soon


Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will be back in the UK for important events this year. Will they have an interview with Prince William and Kate Middleton?

In 2021, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will make several trips between the United States and the United Kingdom for major events: the Queen’s birthday in April, Prince Philip’s 100th birthday in June and, most importantly, the unveiling of the tribute statue to Lady Diana on July 1, 2021 (the day she should have turned 60). But these events could turn into disasters if by then Harry, Meghan, William and Kate are not reconciled.

Sussex celebrated Christmas in the United States. But they still took a step towards the Cambridge family by sending gifts to their children. A gesture that undoubtedly softened the tensions between the two couples.

But according to Phil Dampier, a royal expert, things could not be better between the four former members of the very short-lived “Fab Four”. “I think it’s going to be really awkward if they really get together. From what I’ve been told, the rift isn’t much better right now. They don’t talk to each other much. »

The quartet, which has mainly distanced itself because of the tensions between the two brothers, could make a good public appearance at royal events. But behind the scenes, it’s another pair of sleeves.

“I think they will stand united at the revelation of Diana’s statue and I’m sure they will also stand united at the anniversary celebrations. But behind the scenes, I think there will be a lot of tension,” added Dampier. Another event, which will not be held in public, is likely to play a big part in this reunion.

In March, at the end of the transition period, the Queen, Prince Charles and his sons will meet to take stock of the first year of the post-Megxit separation. It will be about the military titles that Prince Harry has agreed to give up temporarily. If he doesn’t get them back, or worse, if William inherits them, we won’t have to expect big hugs in front of the cameras…


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  1. It’s too bad that they don’t function like a family. It’s always the institution first. Ironically, this institution exists ceremonially. It does not impact governance should it cease to exist.


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