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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: This reward which makes talk across the Atlantic


In the United States, Prince Harry and his wife Meghan are treated like VIPs: they will receive on December 6 a reward for their charitable efforts. A special treatment that does not please everyone.

A highlight that does not please everyone. Meghan and Harry have thrown themselves wholeheartedly into philanthropy since they stepped away from the royal family to abandon titles and activities related to the Crown. On December 6, 2022, the couple will be honored for their charitable work by receiving the Ripple of Hope Award from the Robert Kennedy Foundation for Human Rights. An award, previously won by Barack Obama or Desmond Tutu, that some commentators do not understand: “It is between the sublimely ridiculous, and the openly laughable. It’s absurd,” Professor David Nasaw told the Mail on Sunday on November 13, 2022.

Having been active in the U.S. charity scene for barely three years, Meghan and Harry are considered novices in the field, and their nomination for this award seems more like a publicity stunt, perhaps designed to shine a spotlight on the Ripple of Hope Award, than a true recognition of hard work. “What have they done, goodness gracious, to deserve this? How much of Harry and Meghan’s fortune is really going to good causes?” wonders David Nasaw. As The Mail on Sunday points out, some see it as the result of a ploy: the director of their Netflix documentary, Liz Garbus, is the business partner of Rory Kennedy, Robert’s daughter for whom the foundation that gives them the award is named.

Dinner with the Sussexes costs a million dollars

The Sussexes will also receive exceptional treatment: for anyone who wants to sit at their table and chat with them all evening, it will cost a million dollars. Included in the “package” are four reserved seats at Meghan and Harry’s table. If you only have $500,000 to spend, you can still get VIP access to the post-award reception where photographers will also have access to capture the Sussex victory.

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