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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: an astrologer predicts a baby for 2021


It has been a trying year for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. In addition to the coronavirus pandemic, the couple went through some dark hours last summer when the Duchess lost the baby she was carrying. Astrologer Marc Angel assures that the couple will experience better days in 2021 by joining forces.

Some fear the number 13, others the number 666 but it is indeed 2020 which currently carries all the misfortunes of the world. This year will have been disastrous for many citizens, especially because of the coronavirus pandemic. But it is a much more personal drama that will mark this year forever for Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

In an editorial published in the New York Times, the Duchess of Sussex revealed that she lost the baby she was carrying last July. “After changing Archie’s diaper, I felt a big cramp. I let myself fall to the floor, Archie in my arms, singing a lullaby to keep us as calm as possible, the soft melody contrasting sharply with the feeling I had that something was wrong,” she wrote.

I knew, while having my first child in my arms, that I was losing my second. “A terrible ordeal that the couple had shared intimately with the British Royal Family. They later received public support from Earl Charles Spencer, Lady Di’s brother. Is it to be expected that there will be a lull in the Sussex’s stormy relationship with the Windsor clan? Not necessarily, as astrologer Marc Angel explains.

Meghan and Harry’s Strength in Unity

Meghan is Leo, Harry is Virgo and if the two signs follow each other, they do not look alike but complement each other very well. Because of a Jupiter/Saturn opposition, the year 2021 looks a little rough for Meghan Markle who will again experience some turmoil with her family and in-laws.

Fortunately, she will be able to count on her Prince Charming to protect her. With his Capricorn ascendant, Prince Harry has two Earth signs, the mark of the builders, and will be able to set up ramparts around his beloved. Well sheltered in his protective bubble, she will be able to let her ascendant, Cancer, manifest itself. Sign of motherhood, it could announce a pregnancy or perhaps even a baby for 2021.

The best way to turn the difficult page of the last few months. As for Prince Harry, he will have many challenges to face, especially from mid-May to the end of July. New technologies are making his fortune, as much as renewable energies are inspiring him with pioneering projects. Meghan, for her part, should take advantage of this opportunity to diversify her activities.

Harry’s theme includes the Moon (representing the mother, childhood) in Taurus as opposed to its Middle of the Sky (ambition) in Scorpio. By earning his living by his own means, Prince Harry redeems his freedom to lead a normal life, to which his mother, Princess Diana (Cancer as Meghan’s ascendant) aspired. His way of freeing his loved ones from the royal shackles.

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