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Prince Harry and Jill Biden: an unexpected duo for a good cause


Prince Harry and Jill Biden will join forces at a virtual event to honor Warrior Games athletes, their families and caregivers that takes place this Monday, September 13, starting at 6 p.m.

Two influential personalities united for a good cause. This Monday, September 13, Prince Harry and Jill Biden will meet at a virtual event to celebrate the Warrior Games. Indeed, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the annual games have been cancelled. But postponing the event is out of the question. The two longtime friends through their work on veterans’ issues decided to attend the games but from a distance alongside Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Ken Fisher, President and CEO of the Fisher House Foundation.


This is their first event since Jill Biden became First Lady of the United States and since Prince Harry left the royal family. Despite their 33-year age gap, the two personalities have similar interests. Both have worked for veterans and military families during their careers, which is how they bonded. This collaboration between First Lady Joe Biden and a member of the Royal Family could be the talk of the town. It is possible that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are really looking to get involved in American politics.

Prince Harry and Jill Biden’s involvement

The Duke of Sussex first attended the Warrior Games in 2013 in Colorado and has been dedicating his time to the cause ever since. He also launched the Invictus Games for wounded warriors, which Jill Biden attended with him. As for Jill Biden, she started the Joining Forces initiative to help military families. During a visit to the U.K. in June for the G7 summit – where she had separate meetings with Kate Middleton and the queen – Jill Biden praised the great work of Prince Harry’s Invictus Games when she met with British veterans as part of her initiative. The two games “share a deep connection,” Jill’s office said. Since then Prince Harry and Jill Biden have continued their involvement with disabled veterans hand in hand.

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  1. Go Harry Go ,you were meant to meet a humanitarian woman as a wife ,follow your lovey mum footsteps also , what a trio you would make , go with my blessings and keep strong ,safe and real ,as alway Prince of Hearts

  2. Welcome to the USA Prince Harry.
    Allow me to take this time to extend a Gushing Happy Birthday today!
    Moreover, thanks to you, Meghan and the Biden’s for remembering those who lost their lives during 9/1/2001.
    I was doing Volunteer work for several years outside of the USA during that time, and had a friend planning to work in one of the towers (not certain if that took place).
    However, 20 years later, I am still trying to verify whether or not that person is still alive.
    I really had a great time in your country for over a year (not consecutively), before heading to places where working with Battered Women was very much needed!
    The 2nd birth is much more important than the 1st!


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