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Since he announced his intention to distance himself from the British Royal Family last January, Prince Harry has seen his privileges regress.

The doors are gradually closing in front of them. Since they decided to leave the British Royal Family last January and move to Los Angeles, Prince Harry and his companion, Meghan Markle, are no longer welcome in the United Kingdom.

The announcement of the Megxit had the effect of a bomb across the Channel and almost ten months after this decision, the British crown is still struggling to swallow the pill. Moreover, the father of young Archie has been punished once again. He won’t be able to attend Remembrance Sunday, an event that has affected him for many years and which pays tribute to the memory of those who fought for the country.

The reason for his eviction is clear and simple, he is no longer part of “royalty”, strictly speaking. Next month, members of the royal family will attend the Remembrance Sunday service at the cenotaph. However, Diana’s son will not be present because he is no longer “a royal working member”, as sources at the palace reported to the media outlet The Sun. Many thought Harry would attend this national ceremony because of his long stay in the army, where he rose to the rank of captain and toured Afghanistan twice .

Le fils de Diana dérange


Once again ousted

This Remembrance Sunday will be like no other ceremony because of the coronavirus pandemic. Queen Elizabeth II, who is finally deconfirmed, will attend a “closed-door” service before settling down on a balcony of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, alongside the Duchess of Cambridge and the Duchess of Cornwall.

Prince Charles, Princess Anne, and Prince William are expected to lay poppy wreaths at the cenotaph alongside a small number of armed forces veterans and international leaders. Prince Harry “who may be present in his capacity as a former soldier” and Meghan Markle will not have the privilege of attending, as will thousands of others.

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