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Prince Charles: This not insignificant choice he made for the wedding of Meghan and Harry


Prince Charles gave a lengthy interview to Vogue magazine about his style of dress and commitment. The Prince of Wales also spoke about the special choice he made for Prince Harry’s wedding.

Prince Charles, a true fashion icon? When one thinks of the dress styles of the members of the Crown, the name of Elizabeth II’s son is not frankly the first to come to mind. And yet, it is neither Kate Middleton nor even Prince William that the editor of Vogue decided to interview on this subject.

In the columns of the December issue of the magazine, Prince Charles indeed gave a very long interview to evoke his taste for fashion or his commitment to eco-responsible clothing. With our colleagues, the future British monarch also returned on the special outfit he decided to wear for the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, May 19, 2018. For the occasion, Prince Charles had donned a very elegant gray suit, which is not new since it was created by Anderson & Sheppard in 1984.

Defender of the environmental cause, the husband of Camilla Parker Bowles is, like Kate Middleton or Letizia from Spain, a fan of recycling. Including for royal weeding, therefore. “I care about details and colors and things like that – and color combinations,” said the new modeller. I’m lucky because I’ve found wonderful people who are brilliant designers, and thanks to them I try to make them last longer”.

For his younger brother’s wedding, Prince Charles “thought carefully” about putting on a new piece, but preferred to opt for a timeless piece that has lost none of its beauty in 34 years. “As long as I can continue to wear it, I only wear it a few times a year, in the summer, so I prefer to keep it,” he continued. I happen to be one of those people who would get shoes – or any other clothing – fixed if I could, rather than just throwing them away.

Prince Charles: “Saving time in the battle” ecology

A man who is very committed to safeguarding the environment, Prince Charles also explained to the editor of the British version of Vogue what the coronavirus pandemic had changed or exacerbated. “I hope this will accelerate the awareness of what we need to do to save our world from disaster.

We need to understand that nature and everything on this planet is interconnected; you can’t do one thing without having an impact elsewhere,” said the son of Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. (…) Wonderful things are happening, but we must develop.

“Himself touched by the “tragedy” of Covid-19, Prince Charles wants mentalities to change in the world. “It seems to me, that the essential thing now is to gain time in the battle to make the transition to an infinitely more sustainable and decarbonated economy”, added the Prince of Wales, very worried about the future of the planet: “We must put nature back at the center of everything we do in a circular bio-economy”.

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