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Prince Charles Positive For Coronavirus: The Queen “In Good Health”, But Has She Been Screened?



Prince Charles announced this Wednesday, March 25 to be affected by the coronavirus. If his state of health is not worrying, one naturally wonders about that of his close entourage, such as Camilla Parker-Bowles and especially Queen Elizabeth II, already confronted with a case in Buckingham before her departure for Windsor.

The coronavirus continues to take hold and affect everyone. After the death of the Cameroonian legend Manu Dibango on Tuesday 24 March as a result of the disease, Covid-19 continues to spread and, after having affected Prince Albert II of Monaco, it has just contaminated an emblematic figure of the royal family.

The news made the effect of a bomb this Wednesday, March 25: Prince Charles is affected by the coronavirus. If the son of the queen is not especially worried about his health which does not seem to be worrying at the moment (his wife Camilla has not contracted it for her part), we are naturally worried for his relatives, starting with Elizabeth II herself, who has been cloistered for a few days in Windsor.

However, several questions arise around her health: her son being contaminated, could she also have been infected? Especially since a member of her staff in Buckingham also tested positive before her exodus to Windsor? If we are told again and again that the Queen is in excellent health – as this press release issued today raises more questions than anything else: “Her Majesty The Queen remains in good health. The Queen last saw the Prince of Wales shortly after the investiture read on the morning of March 12, and is following all appropriate advice concerning her well-being. We will comment no further.” -and certainly not the Palace spokesman, who furthermore announced in a Sky News report that Elizabeth II… had still not been tested.

What’s up? Is there a real risk that the monarch has been contaminated? She is clearly not immune to the virus from those in her close circle of acquaintances who have contracted it, but given the conditions of her confinement and the team of specialists surrounding her, it can be argued that if the slightest complication were to occur, Elizabeth II would still be in the best hands.

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