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Prince Charles and Prince Harry toward reconciliation: “He fears history will repeat itself”


After two years of absence, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle visited Elizabeth II, who is soon to celebrate her 96th birthday. And for the occasion, the couple also saw Charles and Camilla in Windsor. But haven’t relations between father and son reached a point of no return?

Since Harry’s departure to California, the future king has hardly spoken to him. The last conversation between Prince Charles and his youngest son dates back to the funeral of Prince Philip. And the causes of their distance are multiple: the grandson of Elizabeth II has repeatedly criticized the education given by his father and the violence of his life in London. Publicly, Prince Charles relies on silence, but in private, the cold seems to have settled between the two men. For all that, on the sidelines of the Invictus Games in The Hague (Netherlands), Prince Harry and Meghan did not hesitate to make a surprise visit to Elizabeth II on Thursday 14 April 2022. “In a visit that even the main royal aides were not aware of, Harry and Meghan saw the Queen, Charles and Camilla in Windsor,” announced royal correspondent Richard Palmer in comments relayed by the Daily Mail. A warm reunion? In such a context, father and son would have been very anxious, as reported by the British media.

According to the Daily Mail, Charles would have engaged in discussions to “calm the situation”. “He loves his son and is heartbroken by everything that has happened. He fears history will repeat itself with Prince Harry as it did with Princess Diana. But he wants to keep the door open and keep talking. Something he still regrets not having done with Diana,” a source close to the royal family told the media. Then, after saying their goodbyes to Charles, Prince Harry and Meghan would have then moved to the Queen’s private apartment. And for good reason, the grandson of the sovereign would be her favorite. “He has always had the ability to make her laugh and she loves that about him,” the source explained.

Prince Harry: the memories of discord

This reunion comes after long months of sharp tensions between father and son. Last thorny subject, the writing of Prince Harry’s memoirs, which is scheduled for publication in the fall. The son of Charles and Diana has the firm intention to tell his story and not to pass any subject under silence. “I’ve worn many hats over the years, literally and figuratively, and I hope that by telling my story – the ups and downs, the mistakes, the lessons learned – I can help show that, whatever our backgrounds, we have more in common than we think,” said the prince, quoted in a statement from the major American-British publishing house. A book for which the royal family fears new devastating revelations against him.

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  1. Charles failed in his marriage to Harry ‘s mum ,big time then failed again to support his son Harry to keep him near ,it seems only the next in line are priorities and next and so on , the rest is collateral damage ,they wanted him to stay and helped in duties but had no time for his wife as much as the wife to the. Heir …next in line ,why should he pander to them ? Harry has his own little family and adores his wife ,he owes them no more than his older brother ,after all the big Fortune awaits the HEIR …so get on with it ,he out of here !!


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