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New tensions between Harry and William: Diana’s doc on Netflix could make things worse


While Meghan Markle and Harry want to offer a documentary about Diana on Netflix, members of the palace say that this does not help relations with William. A situation that is not really ideal when the two brothers haven’t spoken to each other for several months.

Meghan Markle and Harry signed a very juicy contract with the Netflix platform for the production of documentaries and other films without Queen Elizabeth II’s approval, and now this 125 million euro contract is causing controversy.

According to information from the Mirror, this contract should include a tribute to Princess Diana, who died 27 years ago when Prince William did not give his consent. “If Harry gets the green light from Netflix for the documentary, his brother will be informed, but members of the palace fear that this will increase tensions between them,” he said.

A royal source said that the “Sussex wish to make a documentary on the history and heritage of Princess Diana’s family” was only at a draft stage but that everything could go very fast because the platform would be really interested.

A project that could be done quickly but that could therefore cut short the already complicated relationship between Harry and William. “They haven’t spoken in three months,” the source said.


Meghan and Harry have a program on Diana removed from Netflix

Before the contract between Netflix and Sussex was signed, Sussex made a special request, as revealed by the Mirror. Indeed, the streaming platform was about to put online a musical dedicated to Diana, but it was without counting on those who left their royal functions on March 31st, who ordered that it be removed from the catalog even before its availability. Prince Harry would prefer to concentrate on the preparation of this future documentary which he will have validated every minute.

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