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Meghan Markle’s perfect complexion secrets revealed by her makeup artist


On Instagram, Daniel Martin, the Duchess of Sussex’s make-up artist revealed his make-up secrets.

Meghan Markle is without a doubt one of our most important beauty references. With her always perfect complexion, she embodies natural and elegant beauty. In short, she is a perfect duchess. The good news is that her make-up artist gave us the most beautiful gift.

Meet Daniel Martin, Meghan's Makeup Artist - Meghan's Mirror
Daniel martin


On her Instagram account, the Duchess’s make-up artist, Daniel Martin, revealed the tricks he used when he did Meghan Markle’s make-up. We now know all the secrets of her radiant skin. The make-up artist first applies a mud mask from the “Honest Beauty” brand to Meghan Markle’s skin to tighten the pores.

Then, he applies hydroalcoholic gel to her face with a warm towel for a perfectly clean result (be careful though, hydroalcoholic gel is not suitable for all skin types, prefer cleansers that are intended to be applied to the face).

He then applies a base for the eyes that will help to hang the concealer well with a blender. Once all these steps have been completed, Daniel Martin recommends applying a transparent powder over the entire face.

Simple and effective practices

If Daniel Martin opts for simple techniques, it is to accentuate the natural side of the Duchess of Sussex. Mission accomplished since she always obtains this perfectly realized complexion. Now that the secrets of Meghan Markle’s skin care routine for spotless, acne-free skin have been revealed, all that remains is to see if it works on our faces.

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  1. I do feel sorry for both of them.I cannot understand, that family members can be so spiteful. Definitely ,I won’t buy her book .you just have to look at both faces ,then you know who tells the truth. Samantha is a chronic layer and father,he says ,he loves Meghan. I can not understand his love at all .


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