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Meghan Markle wins another legal battle… but not the war!


This Thursday, December 2, Meghan Markle won her appeal against The Mail of Sunday. A victory scratched by her best enemy, Piers Morgan, the former host of Good Morning Britain.

It is a victory for Meghan Markle. The Duchess of Sussex won her appeal against The Mail of Sunday, this Thursday, December 2. At the center of this legal battle, the publication of several excerpts from a handwritten letter sent to her father, Thomas Markle, in August 2018. Meghan Markle had then filed a complaint for “violation of privacy”. The young woman is now relieved, thanks to this victory, she avoids the confrontation with her father, during a trial that would undoubtedly have been ultra mediatized. The judge justified his decision: “This content was personal, private and not of legitimate public interest”, said Sir Geoffrey Vos.

In the wake of the verdict, Meghan Markle, who believes she has been “patient in the face of deception, intimidation and calculated attacks,” reacted to the judge’s decision. In her statement, Prince Harry’s wife accused The Mail of Sunday of treating the case “like a game without rules.” Finally, the mother of Archie and Lilibeth stressed the significance of this judicial decision on all citizens. “This is a victory, not just for me, but for everyone who has ever been afraid to stand up for what is right,” said the Duchess of Sussex before adding, “For as far away as this may seem from your personal life, it is not. Tomorrow it could be you,” she warned.

L'animateur de la télévision britannique Piers Morgan dans les rues de Londres, le 10 mars 2021.
Agency / Bestimage
The British television host Piers Morgan in the streets of London, March 10, 2021.


Meghan Markle, a “princess Pinocchio”

Statements “beyond parody” for Piers Morgan, the former host of Good Morning Britain. His best enemy denounced a duchess “with two faces”, calling her a “Pinocchio princess”, adept at deception and lies. “She can claim ‘victory’ all she wants after this court case, but all she has really done is expose her true character to the world,” he assured The MailOnline. “If I were her, I’d put the champagne back in the fridge. Thanks to this court case, we’ve seen what the real Meghan looks like, tongue in cheek and all,” advised the man who had sharply criticized the duchess in the aftermath of her shock interview with Oprah Winfrey last March.

Photo credits: Agency / Bestimage

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