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Meghan Markle victim of racism


Prince Harry gave an explosive interview in which he denounced the racism very present in England and assured that he had opened his eyes to racial issues.

A new speech that risks offending Queen Elizabeth II! As reported by the Mirror, a few days after giving his opinion on Donald Trump when he should be politically neutral, Prince Harry gave an interview to the Evening Standard in which he did not hesitate to denounce the racism present in England.

Prince William’s brother gave an update on his “awakening” to the racism present in the United Kingdom and spoke of the lack of opportunities for those who have “a skin of a different color”. Harry said that he has opened his eyes to these issues since he met Meghan Markle, who is now his wife.

According to the Duke of Sussex, Britain might be a better place if people with white skin had a better understanding of those “of a different skin color”. Archie’s father was shocked to see that racial differences were still being made in 2020.

“I didn’t know about so many issues, especially in the UK,” he admitted. He added, “You know, when you go to a store with your children and all you see are white dolls, you can’t help but wonder why there are no black dolls.”

The issue of racism, which is very present in their lives

This is their battle horse! Meghan and Harry want to stand up and denounce the racism around them. The pretty brunette, who has often been a victim of it, knows what she is talking about and knows how much it can hurt, so there is no way she will let it go.

The couple has spoken out on racial issues several times since they left the royal family and moved to Los Angeles. For example, last June, Meghan Markle said she was sorry that children have to grow up in a world where racism still exists, while the whole world was going crazy after the death of George Floyd, following a violent police check.

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