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Meghan Markle victim of a “clique” in Buckingham: How she was pushed to the limit


Meghan Markle targets Buckingham Palace? According to historian Robert Lacey, a clique within the royal institution intentionally poisoned the life of Harry’s wife, to the point of pushing her to the brink.

Who wants Meghan Markle dead? Buckingham palace? This is in any case what Robert Lacey, author of the book Battle of Brothers in which he delivers many revelations on the origins of the quarrel between William and Harry, believes.

This Monday, October 19, in an interview with Good Morning America, the specialist of the British royal family revealed: “There’s a clique over there at Buckingham Palace who, I think, frankly, have him in their sights”. This group of courtiers is said to have intentionally tainted the life of the Duchess of Sussex, to the point of pushing her over the edge.

The arrival of Meghan Markle would, according to Robert Lacey, have totally destabilized the crown. This traditional institution was not ready for the assertive personality of Prince Harry’s wife and would have been unable to adapt to his modern ideas, especially on the liberation of women or social change. “I think Meghan is a force of nature and perhaps Buckigham Palace has failed to understand how to deal with it. She is a woman with great convictions,” the historian said.


Meghan and Harry, too popular for their own good?

But Meghan Markle’s modernity and honesty were not the only things that caused problems. Her marriage to Prince Harry propelled the couple to the rank of “rock stars” according to Robert Lacey and made the Institution fear that their immense popularity would overshadow the rest of the royal family.

“They had become those mega rock stars who, frankly, in their first two years, eclipsed William and Kate,” explains the author of Battle of Brothers. An intolerable threat to the traditionalists. Some royal aides would then have decided that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex should “be pushed out”. Meghan and Harry had to be got rid of so that the direct and legitimate line of succession to the throne could come to light again.

The British monarchy is a very cruel system, especially for those who are not heirs,” wrote Robert Lacey. Seeing them very – too much – appreciated by the public, the palace would have wanted to hand Harry and Meghan back and make them understand their role, which is necessarily secondary.

Instead of being described as a strong woman with convictions, Archie’s mother was portrayed as a capricious diva. The modernity of the couple was also strongly criticized. In the press, the leaks implicating the duke and duchess, who by their unacceptable attitude would have become the black sheep of the royal family, multiplied. To the point of definitively tarnishing their reputation. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry finally had no choice but to slam the door and leave this family where they felt unwanted, for their own good.


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