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Meghan Markle unleashes herself on Donald Trump: this archive that embarrasses Harry


While Meghan Markle and Harry have just publicly opposed Donald Trump, old statements by the Duchess have just been unearthed. She makes statements that could embarrass the prince.

Meghan Markle is overtaken by her words. In 2016, the pretty brunette took part in a talk show broadcast on the Comedy Central channel and did not hesitate to tackle Donald Trump violently, who was then in the middle of a presidential campaign.

“It is a person who wants to divide and who is misogynist,” she had estimated. A few months later, she met Prince Harry, before marrying him in May 2018. By entering the royal family, Meghan Markle had to abstain from revealing any political opinion and even from voting.


These images unearthed by the journalist Chris Ship are obviously controversial, especially since the Sussex, who officially left their royal functions last March, have just publicly tackling Donald Trump. In a video for Time 100, the Duke of Sussex, who now lives in Los Angeles, asked voters to “reject hate speech, misinformation and online negativity”, while his wife assured that the presidential race was “the most important election of our lives”.

Donald Trump
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Buckingham Palace distances itself

While Donald Trump responded to the attacks with great irony, wishing “good luck” to Prince Harry, “because he’s going to need it”, Buckingham Palace preferred to distance itself from them. When asked about the Sussex positions, the palace said: “The Duke is no longer an active member of the royal family and all his comments are made in a personal capacity.” Clearly, Queen Elizabeth II has no intention of interfering with this story.

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