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Meghan Markle, uninhibited with her son Archie in Canada: there, she regains her joie de vivre!


Back home in Canada, Meghan Markle seems to be doing better! After a forced return to the United Kingdom, the Duchess of Sussex shines, and it is the onlookers who benefit.

No more fancy parties for Meghan Markle. Back in Canada, far from the British crown, Prince Harry’s wife is happy again. If the British reunion with Queen Elizabeth II, Prince William or Kate Middleton was not the warmest, the reunion with Archie, who had stayed in North America, was much more memorable.

And the 38-year-old former actress is taking full advantage of that. All the more so as Harry is retained in the United Kingdom and she has their son all to herself!

“Meghan walks with Archie in the woods every day,” a source told Us Weekly. “She carries him in a stroller on the open trails or carries him in her arms when the roads are gravelly. The walks usually last an hour or two, but she does them every day.

A kind and accessible duchess

And in Canada, no protocol for Meghan! The one who will be released from her royal title on April 1st is free as a bird. So much so that when she meets locals, she doesn’t hesitate to greet them.

“She’s very nice to the other walkers,” continues the source. “She discusses with them simple subjects such as education or the weather”. This new life suits her very well since she told friends that she was “happy” in nature and that this simple way of life was “everything she had always dreamed of”.

Now it’s time for Harry to return from England as well, so that the portrait of the perfect family can be completed and Meghan can be happy forever.

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