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Meghan Markle : this surprising gift received, and this mysterious message


Meghan Markle received a bracelet from feminist icon Gloria Steinem and was interviewed by her. A gift that communicates a very powerful message.

During her interview with activist Gloria Steinem, 86, for the Makers platform and posted online this Wednesday, August 26, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex – who did not fail to throw a spade in the face of the royal family – received a nice gift: a pearl bracelet with a special message inscribed: “We are related and unclassified”.

A way then for the feminist icon to unveil her message to as many people as possible, encouraging women to help each other rather than criticize or feel competitive. “It was a system of balance and our Constitution is based on that, we have to remember that. It was a circular idea of consensus: circles of consensus going up instead of a hierarchy.

That’s the source of ‘linked, not ranked,'” explained Steinem in front of a committed Meghan Markle, who was in complete agreement with this statement.

Indeed, the Duchess of Sussex said she was against “ranking” as she commented on the functioning of Native American cultures in which women were equal to men and grandmothers chose their leaders. “That means everything to me, at every level: we are related, not ranked,” commented Prince Harry’s wife.

A $48 bracelet

The bracelet received by Meghan Markle is priced at $48. It is available in black and red. Proceeds from sales go to feminist.com, a site founded in 1995 that provides people around the world with access to information and support. A creation already sold out.

Photo credits : Bestimage

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