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Meghan Markle: This message from a friend she should not have received


A friend of Meghan Markle made a mistake emblematic of the modern communication era: in order to complain about the Duchess of Sussex, he sent a voice note … to the main interested! It seems that she immediately distanced herself from the author of this note.

It’s become everyone’s pet peeve in the age of modern communication: writing a scathing message against someone, then accidentally sending it to them. So imagine the horror of the person who made this irreparable mistake… with Meghan Markle. This misadventure was reported in the columns of the Daily Mail, Sunday, March 28, and would have for cause a simple story of emoji … The friend who would have tangled the brushes wished to make known how much he was annoyed by the intense use that the wife of Prince Harry makes.

“My God, how annoying Meghan is with all her emojis, she keeps sending me so many”: this is basically what the mother of little Archie received on her phone, by mistake. The voice note was supposed to be sent to a mutual friend. According to the British daily, the author of this mistake on WhatsApp was immediately punished: his name would have been removed from the list of friends of the Sussex couple who will receive their Easter greetings. Their friendly entourage seems to shrink over the years.

Friends who are drifting apart

In May 2018, one of Prince Harry’s best friends, Tom Inskip, had the unpleasant surprise of not being invited to the reception held at Frogmore House after the royal wedding. His disappointment must have been even greater when this friend, though close to Harry for many years, discovered that the American host Oprah Winfrey, would be part of the party, although he barely knew her. Another friendship has also taken lead in the wing in recent years: it is that with Jack Mann, one of the oldest friends of Prince Harry, who was once approached to be the best man for the wedding of the latter. From there to say that Meghan Markle is at the origin of all these estrangements, there is only one step … that the Daily Mail does not quite cross.

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