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Meghan Markle: This letter could win her a legal battle


In her legal battle with the Daily Mail, Meghan Markle could be helped by a document. The Duchess of Sussex’s ex-employees have found a letter.

What if a letter could change everything? Always at war with the media, Meghan Markle will indeed be able to count on a piece of evidence of great importance. A few months before the planned trial against the editor of the Daily Mail, which she has sued for invasion of privacy, the Duchess of Sussex is trying at all costs to avoid an unnecessary appearance in court.

In order to avoid having her intimate life unravelled in the press once again, she has asked her lawyers to argue for a summary judgment before the High Court in London, which must determine whether or not the Daily Mail had the right to publish a letter written by Prince Harry’s wife to her father, Thomas Markle.

And if the case looked bad for Meghan Markle, there is evidence to support her case. Four former Sussex assistants have indeed got their hands on a letter that would “shed light” on the Duchess’ letter. Good news for her.

On the second day of the hearing, the Daily Mail publisher’s counsel explained that he had in his possession a letter from the lawyers of the so-called “Palace Four” (Jason Knauf, their former communications secretary, Christian Jones, his deputy, Samantha Cohen, their former private secretary and Sara Latham, their former director of communications).

And according to them, this evidence could “shed light” on the writing of Meghan Markle’s letter to her father. Since the beginning of the affair, the Duchess has insisted that the letter was private, while the Daily Mail understands that she clearly intended it to be published in the press.

“They have no interest in assisting either party in the proceedings. Their only interest is in ensuring a level playing field, in terms of any evidence they may provide,” wrote lawyers for the former Sussex employees, claiming their clients were “neutral” in the court battle.

Meghan Markle soon to be set

The Palace Four could thus testify on three aspects: the creation of the letter and the electronic draft, the public or private nature of this exchange and the involvement, or not, of the Sussexes in the writing of Finding Freedom, the biography to which they claim not to have collaborated.

They would therefore have in their possession “other oral and written evidence” which “would probably be available at trial” to “shed light on some of the key factual issues in this case”.

If a full trial takes place, they would all have to testify under oath and clearly explain when and for what purpose the letter came about. While this announcement is bound to reassure Meghan Markle, who has already spent a lot of money on this battle, the Duchess of Sussex would still prefer to avoid a trial and safeguard what little privacy she has left.

To find out if she will be going to court next autumn, Archie’s mum will have to wait and see. The court is due to give its verdict in the next two weeks.

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