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Meghan Markle : This enigmatic and very critical post made by her best friend Jessica Mulroney


Meghan Markle’s best friend Jessica Mulroney, jostled by accusations of racism, insulted the people she thought were her friends in a strange Instagram post.

Jessica Mulroney, Meghan Markle’s best friend, posted a mysterious message on Instagram this Friday, October 23rd. In it, she talks about the difficult months she went through after the accusations of racism against her, thanks her husband Ben Mulroney for his support, and violently attacks the “she thought were her friends. “We finally know who the “” we thought were our friends are. The best gift we could have been given. Excuse my manners.” But who is she talking about?

When reading the message, Internet users quickly believed that Jessica Mulroney was insulting Meghan Markle. The two women seemed to have distanced themselves after African-American blogger Sasha Exeter accused Jessica Mulroney of racism after she used her friendship with Prince Harry’s wife to defend herself from being racist.

Meghan Markle was obviously not happy about this and decided to take a step back. Except that, according to a source in the Daily Mail, the Duchess of Sussex continues to support her friend in private. So she would only have stepped back publicly.

Meghan and I are family

Jessica Mulroney herself had decided to keep a low profile on social networks over the past few months, until the matter was settled. She resurfaced with this enigmatic message, without naming the “” she’s talking about.

But, in an Instagram story on Friday, September 18, Jessica Mulroney dotted the i’s and said she was still close to Meghan Markle. “I’m going to say this once and for all. Meghan and I are family. She’s the nicest friend and she’s been checking in on me every day.” Story quickly deleted but that the People site had time to capture. Not sure if Meghan Markle enjoyed this new release.

Photo credits : Agency / Bestimage

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