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Meghan Markle: This decision she made to help Archie take flight


Having just given birth to her second child, Meghan Markle made the decision to enroll her eldest son, Archie, in school so that he could thrive in a new environment.

It’s a new milestone that little Archie is about to take. The eldest son of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, aged 2 years, is about to take the road to school. Indeed, the Duchess of Sussex has decided to enroll him in kindergarten, where he will only go a few mornings during the week. In any case, this is what a source close to the young mother told the American magazine People: “He is old enough to start living his own life now” she said before adding that the toddler particularly liked “extracurricular and outdoor activities”.

A way for the former actress of Suits, to help his little protégé to take flight by detaching a little from the family cocoon to discover another environment, to meet other children of his age. Meghan and Harry have also found a way to free up some time to fully take care of their daughter Lilibet, born on June 4. In fact, the couple did not hesitate to take a leave of several months in order to be able to nursery in all peace but also to spend time exclusively with their family.


Do Meghan and Harry enjoy themselves in the United States?

As reported by the same source to our confreres of People, the Sussex are more fulfilled than ever by their life in California. Settled in the coastal town of Montecito, in a sumptuous mansion very comfortable, they have adopted an American lifestyle that suits them perfectly: “They are close to the beach, which they appreciate, and they also have friends in the neighborhood with whom they spend time.

They spend a lot of time at home with Archie but have also managed to have a few dates” says their close friend who is happy to see the couple “enjoying life”, far from the tumult of their past life in England. “The arrival of this second baby, confirms that they are creating roots here in the United States. It’s like they’re getting a clean slate to make a fresh start,” the source concludes.

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