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Meghan Markle: that funny set planted for Harry in the garden of Frogmore Cottage


Meghan Markle will stop at nothing to please Harry and no expense to make him happy. So much so that she recreated a symbolic memento for her husband on his birthday last year in their garden at Frogmore Cottage.

When it comes to birthdays, Meghan Markle does not skimp on ways to make those festive days unforgettable. For Harry’s birthday last year, the Duchess did not hesitate to transform their garden at Frogmore Cottage into a landscape straight out of Botswana. A nod to their history and a particularly symbolic attention to Harry, since this country, which he has visited more than once, represents for him “a second home”, in his own words.

It is the same country that Harry convinced Meghan to visit with him just after the birth of their romance in 2016. “We both camped out under the stars. She came to join me for five absolutely fantastic days,” said the man who was still a member of the royal family at the time, recalls People. A year later, the couple returned to Botswana to join the Elephants Without Borders association in the defence of elephants. And while their official trip to the continent in 2019 focused on South Africa, Botswana remains a land full of memories for Harry and Meghan.

“She recreated Botswana where they fell in love.”

“It’s a place that means so much to them, and to Harry in particular,” a source close to the couple told People, “so Meghan wanted to recreate it for her birthday, so she pitched a tent, got sleeping bags, cooked a meal and recreated Botswana where they fell in love.” For their second wedding anniversary on May 19th, the couple opted for a more sober, restrained but equally original celebration. “Family” and “quiet”, Harry and Meghan celebrated their leather wedding anniversary on a Mexican note, margaritas included!

Photo credits : Agency / Bestimage

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