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Meghan Markle still decried: The prince who does not spare her


The reactions continue after the interview given by Meghan Markle and Prince Harry to Oprah Winfrey. Some comments do not spare the mother of Archie such as that of the Polish prince Jan Lubomirski.

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Jan Lubomirski


The interview of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry continues to make noise … until Poland. Polish Prince Jan Lubomirski has chosen his side and it is clearly not that of Archie’s mother. “The main problem with Meghan Markle’s functioning within the royal family was that she didn’t expect that becoming a princess, and not a ‘fairy tale princess,’ would come with so many duties.

She saw becoming a duchess as a plus to her acting career,” he said on TVN 24 on March 8, the day after the Sussexes’ interview with Oprah Winfrey was broadcast on CBS in the United States. If the Polish prince’s opinion is relevant, it is also because his cousin Alexi Lubomirski was the official photographer of the couple’s wedding in May 2018. Having therefore perhaps had some proximity, he suggests that at first things would have gone rather well. Meghan Markle would not have been unwelcome from the start, according to him, who seems to think that “duchess” was just another line on the American actress’ resume.

“Something clearly broke later and I think that the accusations raised by Meghan Markle only appear when this ‘fairy tale’ turned out not to be exactly what she wanted,” Jan Lubomirski estimated in the interview spotted by the site Royal Stories. The Polish prince believes that the star of Suits could have foreseen more what would happen when entering the British royal family. According to him, his version of events would be truncated. “This drama did not quite happen as we hear in the interview. I can not fully agree that it was a big surprise for Meghan Markle, who entered such a family, being an adult woman with experience, “explained the president of the Foundation of Princes Lubomirski on TVN 24.

A family like no other

“We must not forget one essential thing: the royal family is not an ordinary family. It is a family that serves the nation 24 hours a day. It’s not like you can just walk out of a meeting, and find a way to get out of your obligations at the last minute,” added the man who is very attached to respecting family traditions. Values that were less dear to Meghan Markle’s heart according to him, who had more of a revolutionary soul.

“I have the impression that she approached it on the basis that ‘when I get there, we will change these rules a little,'” confided Polish Prince Jan Lubomirski. The wife of Prince Harry, who is expecting their second child, still managed to get a reaction from the queen, who in a statement said she takes “very seriously” the accusations of racism. “We are absolutely not a racist family,” said Prince William.

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