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Meghan Markle: She had a plan from the start, a relative of Diana’s confides in her


Queen Elizabeth II made a historic decision by removing the royal responsibilities from the couple Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on February 19. A close associate of Princess Diana said he felt it was part of the former American actress’s strategy from the beginning of her relationship.

The relationship between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle continues to be the subject of much ink. The royal biographer, Robert Jobson, gave an interview to the media outlet The Royal Beat and called the former American actress “dishonest”. Jobson also called her husband, Prince Harry, “barely recognizable” since his marriage.

The author, who claims to have been close to Princess Diana, who died in Paris in 1997, believes that Meghan Markle had “planned from the beginning to leave the royal family, and it didn’t take long”. At the same time, former Buckingham Palace press officer Dickie Arbiter described the couple’s comments about their future as “petulant, rude and immature”.

The couple reacted to Queen Elizabeth II’s decision on 19 February to remove the royal powers from Harry and Meghan because a “life of public service” is not compatible with a lucrative career. This royal communiqué elicited a sharp response from the newlyweds, who indicated that their responsibilities were “universal”, despite the Queen’s decision. “I never ran away,” he also said in an interview with Late Late Show host James Corden on CBS. Sources close to the royal family called the response “horribly disrespectful.

Denigrating the royal family is not in their best interest

The royal family knows, however, that this episode is far from over. The Prince of Sussex and his wife have scheduled an interview with the famous American presenter, Oprah Winfrey. A news which is very badly passed with some other members of the royal clan. She had brought them all the way to California on her $50 million private jet.

The former press attaché at Buckingham Palace, Dickie Arbiter, however, felt that the couple was unlikely to “denigrate the royal family because it is not in their best interests. The exchange with Oprah Winfrey will focus more on “family life and parenthood,” the source said. Their difficult relationship with the British press should also be mentioned.

Photo credits: CNN/Backgrid UK/Bestimage

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