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Meghan Markle responds to critics after Her Speech


Meghan Markle was heavily criticized after her video to the graduates of her former school Immaculate Heart High School on June 3rd. But the duchess fully assumes this speech in which she evokes the tragic death of George Floyd and racism in the United States.

Settled in Los Angeles, in the luxurious villa of the producer Tyler Perry, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been very discreet since their installation in the United States.

The Duchess of Sussex thus surprised by appearing on Wednesday June 3 in a video for the graduates of the Immaculate Heart High School, her former school. In this virtual graduation speech, she said she was “devastated” by the death of George Floyd on May 25 and reiterated her commitment to the fight against racism.

Too late to take a stand? Too committed? Criticized for having remained silent for too long in the face of this terrible tragedy but also for her overly political speech, Meghan Markle is now responding to her detractors.

The Duchess of Sussex, herself confronted with racism throughout her life, has been “particularly upset” by current events, according to a source in Hello magazine, reports the Daily Mail. But at first she was “nervous” about reacting to the death of George Floyd for fear of not finding the right words.

“His heart is bleeding.”

A week after the death of George Floyd, Meghan Markle finally decided to come out of her silence because she could not see herself addressing the future of the nation, let alone the scourge of racism that divides the United States today: “Meghan was excited to be part of the Immaculate Heart High School graduation ceremony but after this week she knew that it was not possible to address a group of compassionate young women who are dedicated to helping others without talking about George Floyd and the racism that is rampant in the country. “

Prince Harry’s wife gave a passionate six-minute speech to the graduates of her former school in the hope of inspiring them: “His heart bleeds for the young people who are graduating today in a world full of uncertainty and injustice.

She hopes that her words have given some hope, comfort or inspiration to the students of this school she cares so much about. While the United States is rising up against racism and calling for an overhaul of American society, a mobilisation in which many stars immediately took part, Meghan Markle was also keen to make her contribution.

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