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Meghan Markle relieved : The dreaded face-to-face with her father will not happen


The stars are definitively aligned for Meghan Markle, who has not only just won a colossal legal battle but will also be excused from confronting her father in the intimate letter case. A real relief for the duchess, who dreams of turning the page.

Great news for Meghan Markle! After winning a battle in her lawsuit against Associated Newspapers Limited, the company that publishes the tabloids Mail On Sunday and MailOnline, which she had sued for publishing excerpts from a private letter written to her father, the Duchess of Sussex can breathe a sigh of relief once again.

As well as winning her case, Meghan Markle escaped face-to-face confrontation with her father, as journalist and royalty expert Chris Ship confirmed. “The Supreme Court’s decision also means that Meghan will not have to confront her father Thomas Markle in a court hearing. He had said he was ready to testify against her and give evidence in favour of the accused, the Mail on Sunday,” he wrote on his Twitter page.

While the Duchess of Sussex has won a battle, the war is not quite over. Another hearing is scheduled for 2 March “to decide on the issues arising from this ruling,” the journalist also confirmed. But no matter, Meghan Markle is already savouring this first victory, she who has never forgiven her father for her many betrayals since joining the British Crown.

Meghan Markle’s charge

After the court’s decision, Meghan Markle issued a statement expressing her relief, but also her anger at the methods used by tabloids to obtain information. “The world needs reliable, verified and high-quality information. What the Mail on Sunday and its other partner publications do is the antithesis of that. We all lose out when disinformation is more lucrative than truth, when the exploitation of morality is more lucrative than decency, and when corporations capitalise on people’s pain,” said Prince Harry’s wife in particular.


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