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Meghan Markle ready to take over the White House? These elements that confirm the rumor


This Sunday, March 14, the Daily Mail reports that Meghan Markle may have given up her royal title to take up a high public office in the United States.

Will Meghan Markle be the first female president of the United States? Since her interview with Oprah Winfrey, alongside Prince Harry, many rumors have been lending the Duchess of Sussex political ambitions. This Sunday, March 14, the Daily Mail goes even further. It relays the information of a figure of the British Labour Party, close to the administration of Tony Blair when he was Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, which claims that Meghan Markle has networked with high Democrats in order to develop a campaign and a fundraising for the next U.S. presidential election scheduled for 2024.

In this sense, another source told the British newspaper that “Blairite, Internationalist and Democratic party networks are buzzing with discussions about Meghan’s political ambitions and potential supporters”. Already in 2020, a friend of the Duchess told Vanity Fair magazine that one of the reasons she did not renounce her American citizenship when she married into the royal family was to allow her to keep the possibility of entering politics in Washington.

A political stance in favor of Biden

Since the multiplication of demonstrations across the Atlantic after the death of George Floyd, an African-American who died under the knee of a police officer, many personalities have taken a stand against racial injustice. A very inspiring new era for Meghan Markle, who now intends to play an important role against racism and “be part of the solution.” “Meghan feels she has a lot more to offer than just acting on camera. She said she wants to use her voice to make a difference and is not closing the door on a career in politics,” a source had told the Daily Mail.

The couple has not yet responded to the rumors. But they are not the kind to hide their political beliefs. In 2020, during the election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump, Meghan Markle and Harry urged voters to “reject the hate speech” of Trump, revealing their stance for the Democratic camp. Meghan Markle’s close friends and family have reportedly already made numerous speculations about her possible fate in the White House, referring to her potential ascension as “an American dream.”


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