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Meghan Markle Ready To Say Whatever’s On Her Mind In A Big Interview? OR IN A BOOK


What if Meghan Markle told her side of the story in a big interview and a book? That’s what royalty expert Chris Ship thinks.

Just looking at the excitement generated by each of her public appearances since the beginning of this Megixt, Meghan Markle’s speaking engagement would surely be a worldwide event.

Far from the press releases, the duchess has not explained herself since the beginning of the crisis. According to an expert from the royal family, Chris Ship, for the iTv television channel, it could finally happen.

He is convinced: all the elements are lined up for Meghan to give herself up in a big interview or a book.

“If they want to achieve all the things they want to achieve (…), they have to capitalize on their high visibility,” he says. “Right now, it can’t get any higher.”

After Meghan and Harry’s successful return to British soil, interest in the couple is more than lively. Better still, some public opinion has reportedly returned their favour to Sussex. A chance to capitalise on the wind in their sails.

“Here we have an American woman who, in the space of two years, joined the royal family and then decided to leave it. This creates a great deal of interest around her,” he admits. It makes her want to go into the light.

However, he qualifies: “She could keep the secret for herself in order to maintain the mystery surrounding her recent royal departure”. In any case, all eyes remain focused on the young woman who would already be on the road to Canada to find little Archie. Fans are eagerly awaiting the rest.

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