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Meghan Markle radiant since the birth of Lilibet: The UK is behind her forever


Since the birth of her daughter Lilibet Diana on June 4, Meghan Markle is resplendent, according to the statements of one of her friends to People magazine, this Thursday, June 10.

Meghan Markle was more than ready for the birth of Lilibet Diana, and impatient. This is what one of her friends told People: according to him, the Duchess of Sussex has “a hell of a morale, she is radiant. She was totally ready to have this child! Since June 4, the Sussexes have integrated little Lilibet Diana into their California home, alongside Archie, their two dogs, and some chickens. “They are so happy,” adds the same source. “This baby solidifies the roots they are putting down here in the United States.”

For this friend, the arrival of Lilibet, on American soil, is no stranger to Meghan Markle’s happiness. “It’s like a reset – almost like a new beginning,” he summarizes. A change of life also for Archie, the eldest son of the Sussexes. At the age of two, he would have started to go to preschool, for a few mornings a week, according to People, which quotes another source. “He’s old enough to have his own life now. He likes school, and outdoor activities.”

Harry and Meghan are enjoying life

In their Montecito home, the Sussexes are enjoying their life, “which is very quiet, perfect for them,” the same source details. “They are near the sea, which they love very much, and they have friends in the neighborhood to spend time with.” But without forgetting to get together, as a family or as a couple: “They spend a lot of time at home with Archie, but they also arrange to go on a few date nights. It feels like their first ‘real home’ because they were able to find a house they both love. It’s nice to see them enjoying life,” says this relative.

Photo credits: Backgrid UK/ Bestimage

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  1. Dear Meghan, thank you so much for giving Harry the happiness he needs and you are a beautyful young lady and your fabulous children.
    I am nit a young idiot Im an old one 73yrs old. I know the media and a lot of nastie people just ignore them you are well loved by many more you are a ray of sunshine thankyou sweetheart. Xxx

  2. You know the Bible says that you leave your parents and get married and you become one….love one another and be happy..stay safe..much 💘


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