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Meghan Markle pushed by her mother to flee the royal family? You’re stuck here


According to recent information from our sources, Doria Ragland was shocked to discover the deprivation of freedom of her daughter Meghan Markle, during a visit to Frogmore Cottage. To the point of pushing her to flee?

Doria Ragland will certainly always remember her visit to Frogmore Cottage. In the summer of 2019, Meghan Markle’s mother was putting down her bags in the UK for a few days, ready to find her daughter happy in her marriage and fulfilled by motherhood. But the reality was quite different as our source tells us. On her arrival, the general manager and financial director of the nursing home is alarmed. Her daughter lives isolated in Windsor, forbidden to go out. “You’re stuck here,” she says. And no amount of special occasions or visits could free her from her gilded cage.

Doria Ragland, who has never taken on the role of royal working, could not enjoy a walk or a coffee break in the city of Windsor with Meghan Markle. Questioned, the members of the royal family considered this isolation necessary. The ex-actress, deprived of her passport, her keys and even her driver’s license, was then a privileged subject for the tabloids. It would have been thus imperative for her to be discreet. A scenario that looks like a real deprivation of her freedom. However, the author Robert Lacey brought another explanation. “Meghan was forced to surrender her license for safety reasons. If she went out on her own, she wouldn’t have been protected.”


Back to basics

Plausible, certainly, but far from without impact on Meghan Markle’s mental health. Facing Oprah Winfrey, the wife of Prince Harry explained that she has been plagued by suicidal thoughts, in particular because of this constraint to confinement. “I explained that I had to go somewhere to get help,” she said. A first for the one who admitted to being embarrassed by her distressed state. But her pleas for help were in vain. “They told me I couldn’t be helped, that it wouldn’t be good for the institution.” Freed, while her popularity rating is at its lowest in the UK, Meghan Markle is back in her native California. And can now enjoy life to the fullest, alone or in the company of her mother. Doria Ragland even had the right to her own room in her villa in Montecito.

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