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Meghan Markle misunderstood: the Duchess does not let herself be fooled


On September 22, Meghan Markle got involved in politics, calling on Americans to enjoy their right to vote. Openly opposed to Donald Trump, this speech had provoked controversy. The Duchess of Sussex tried to correct the situation.

The intervention had caused a stir. In a video for Time 100 posted online on September 22, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had urged Americans to use their right to vote in the next presidential election. A speech that had caused an outcry, many Americans felt that this upcoming political deadline was not the business of the British royal couple, and that they should not interfere. Especially since the duchess has never made a mystery of her opposition to Donald Trump…

Embarrassed by the polemic, the Duchess of Sussex once again took the floor to defend herself during a virtual summit organized by the American magazine Fortune, on the most powerful women in the world, pointing out that she had been visibly misunderstood.

“If you listen to what I said, what ends up being inflammatory is how people interpret it,” the Duchess of Sussex lamented, as our colleagues in The Mirror report, arguing that her speech was aimed primarily at combating hate speech and toxic online behavior. “If you listen to what I’m saying, it’s not controversial,” hammered Prince Harry’s wife.

A major battle

Meghan Markle took the opportunity to re-emphasize that allowing intimidation and misinformation on the networks was no longer possible, and that this major issue needed to be addressed. The Duke and Duchess had called on advertisers to boycott networks, including Facebook, that allow hate speech.

“If the changes that are being made are indeed being made, it is for the good of all, including Facebook,” said the Duchess of Sussex. A victim of gratuitous and constant hatred on the networks since she joined the royal family, Meghan Markle wants to control these abuses at all costs, in order to protect the younger generation in particular.

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