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Meghan Markle In Tears As She Leaves The Royal Family To Canada Without Prince Harry!


That’s it: Meghan Markle has returned to Canada and a new life, far from the obligations of being a member of the Royal Family. Yet as she said goodbye, she couldn’t hold back a few tears.

Happy to be leaving the UK after 18 months of unhappiness. The relief of leaving behind this royal family in which she never felt comfortable. This is how we imagined Meghan Markle would embrace her departure from the Windsor clan for a calmer life in Canada. But clearly, for the 38-year-old former actress, things proved more complicated to deal with.

Prince Harry’s wife left London without her husband, not without “shedding a little tear” as the Mirror reveals. These “bittersweet farewells” for which she had not prepared herself moved her more than she thought.

But beware: her sobs were obviously not reserved for Prince William or Kate Middleton, with whom relations are icy. Nor to Queen Elizabeth II, who had not failed to point out Meghan’s wickedness in denying her access to her great-grandson Archie. And even less to Camilla Parker-Bowles, with whom she had managed to get a good slash on that express trip.

A tough reputation

No, the tears of the one who will no longer be Duchess of Sussex from April 1st were dedicated to the staff members who helped her and Harry during their first months as a married couple.

Yet the Duchess’s reputation was not among the best in the Palace: difficult, she had separated from several of her right-hand men. But she had mellowed as soon as her son was born and was keen to show her new face: “Meghan gave a very emotional greeting to all the staff who worked closely with Harry, Archie and her. The Mirror doesn’t say whether the employees sobbed as well or whether they were relieved.

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