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Meghan Markle horrified to become an “official” of the royal family…


As time went by, Meghan Markle realized that being part of the royal family was far less attractive than she had imagined. It was an electro-shocking reality for the Duchess, according to royal correspondent Ashley Pearson, who told MarketWatch in January of this year why the Sussex had gone into exile.

The excitement of the early days quickly gave way to disappointment, even nightmare. So much so that Meghan Markle and Harry would have been preparing their long-awaited release.

Harassed by the tabloids and convinced that they were victims of a conspiracy, the Duchess of Sussex decided to resign her royal duties and fly to Los Angeles. But according to Ashley Pearson, royal commentator, the media’s relentless pursuit of them would not alone explain the departure of little Archie’s parents.

“She didn’t know how unglamorous it is to be a member of the royal family,” she told our colleagues at Market Watch last January, adding that the former actress would have been disappointed to see that she had put an end to her Hollywood career to find herself in the service of the Crown.

“When she found out that she was going to be a Royal Family official, she thought it was ‘out of the question’,” Pearson said. Persuaded that the grass was greener elsewhere, Markle would have convinced Harry to get out of Windsor and away from the protocol requirements.



The End of the American Dream

A sweet dream that the queen’s favorite grandson once wanted to believe in… unfortunately quickly caught up with his old demons. Now treated like a common celebrity, Harry is struggling to adjust to his new California life. Hunted day and night by the paparazzi, William’s brother, traumatized by the tragic disappearance of his mother, is now terrorized at the idea of seeing history repeating itself. As his American dream falls apart, the couple finally begins to question the benefits of his exile. On the Windsor side, everyone is now eagerly awaiting the return of the prodigal son.

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