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Meghan Markle: Her lovely declaration of love to Harry and Archie


Meghan Markle dedicated her new children’s book to Prince Harry and his son Archie. Inside the book is a tender handwritten note that is a declaration of love to the two men in her life.

A little bit of love at the Sussex house in this time of ups and downs. In her new children’s book published Tuesday, June 8, Meghan Markle had a tender note for the two men who share her life. Indeed, inside each book is a handwritten note with calligraphy identical to that of the Duchess. This touching inscription means, “For the man and boy who make my heart beat.” A sweet message intended for Prince Harry and his son Archie.

According to the information revealed by our sources, the story of this book titled The Bench is inspired by a poem that Meghan Markle wrote for her husband on Father’s Day, the month after Archie’s birth. So, “that poem became this story,” said the mother-to-be of a baby girl. The 34 pages of the children’s book are illustrated with several watercolor drawings of the Duke and the royal child and their two dogs. The goal being to capture the warmth, joy and comfort of the relationship between fathers and sons from all walks of life. “My hope is that The Bench will resonate with every family, whatever their makeup, as much as it does with mine,” in the words of the Duchess of Sussex.


Meghan Markle and Harry: their daughter is due on a very special and imminent date

According to information from The Sun this Sunday, June 6, Meghan Markle is expected to give birth on June 10. A date far from being insignificant, since it is the birthday of Prince Philip …

It is now only a matter of time. In a few days, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will become parents again. The former actress of 39 years is preparing to give birth to a baby girl, who should be born on June 10. A highly symbolic date, since it is the birthday of Prince Philip, born on June 10, 1921. “The baby is expected on Philip’s birthday and it would be so special if he came into the world on that day,” said a close source to The Sun, this Sunday, June 6.

According to the same source, it is Prince Harry himself who would have talked about the date of Meghan Markle’s term, with his close friends. The 36-year-old duke would also have discussed possible names for their daughter. “They’re talking about it all pretty openly now that it’s coming up,” the paper reads.

What name for the royal baby?

But then, what names can Archie’s parents think of? Princess Diana’s name has been mentioned often, as a tribute to Lady Di. They would also think about Lily, in honor of Queen Elizabeth II, who has always been nicknamed Lilibeth by her relatives. And it could very well be that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle consider paying tribute to Prince Philip, who died on April 9. So the couple would think of calling their daughter Philippa or Pip. “They talked about Lily and Pip. These are not exactly traditional royal names, and these two are not exactly a traditional royal couple,” a source told The Sun. Still, let’s remember that the couple had surprised the world with the name Archie, given to their son, born on May 6, 2019.

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