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Meghan Markle: Her friend Victoria Beckham’s advice to silence the critics


Since living in the U.S., Meghan Markle has revealed herself to the general public. Very close to her, Victoria Beckham warmly encourages her to silence the critics and prove her authenticity to everyone.

If an old quarrel had kept Meghan Markle and Victoria Beckham apart a few months ago, now the former British singer and the former American actress are friends again, closer than ever. Since Prince Harry and his wife moved to North America, the Duchess of Sussex has reconnected with Victoria Beckham. In March of this year, Meghan Markle decided to reconnect with the renowned designer, much to the relief of Victoria Beckham, who was going through a particularly difficult period at the time.

Now six months have passed, and Meghan Markle and Victoria Beckham are obviously still very close. Since the Sussex couple left London and the monarchy, Meghan Markle has been increasingly at the forefront, speaking out for many committed causes and political struggles.

This revelation of herself to the public at large, Victoria Beckham encourages her wholeheartedly, as one of her relatives explained to the American magazine Closer. “She strongly encourages Meghan to silence critics and prove her authenticity to everyone by showing the sides that only her loved ones see, and to reveal the real her,” she is told.

Difficult repercussions

Victoria Beckham’s close source added: “She also explained that people might think twice before attacking Meghan, pulling on their heartstrings by showing the public how hard the repercussions can be on her and Harry, emotionally speaking,” the Sun reported.

Finally, the source concluded: “Vic and David know how difficult and different it is to move to another country, with all the uncertainties and anxieties that Harry undoubtedly faces. So all this is something that has connected them a lot as well.” No doubt Posh’s valuable advice must have gone straight to the heart of Meghan Markle.

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