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Meghan Markle & Harry Wounded And Bitter: That Simple Gesture Of The Royal Family They Were Hoping For


Even before their real emancipation on 31 March, a page was turned for Sussex. Sadness for Prince Harry, confused with his own people… Relief for Meghan, already back in Canada. Bitterness for both, who were only waiting for public support from the Royal Family, long before they rushed their departure for North America. Privileged confidant, Omid Scobie, Royal Columnist for Harper’s Bazaar magazine, echoed this sentiment…

Pink-cheeked and dashing. Invigorated by the fresh Canadian air, the great outdoors, her reunion with her son Archie… and a sanitary distance from the Windsor.

Returning to Vancouver on a commercial flight on the night of her disastrous reunion with the royal family at Westminster Abbey on March 9, Meghan Markle regained her joie de vivre and is focused on the future.

Survival reflexes, a small show of resilience… waiting for reprisals? Her last day in Britain was a long series of humiliations, between the indifference of the Cambridge, the embarrassment of the Wessex, and the forced farewells to her collaborators a few moments earlier.

In a long online article in Harper’s Bazaar magazine revealing the behind-the-scenes of this farewell party in Buckingham, the royal columnist Omid Scobie, who is very close to the Sussex, reveals – reports… – what particularly nourished a sense of waste among the “rebels of the Crown.”

A few days before the reunion at Wesminster, Elizabeth II did invite Meghan and Harry to Windsor to reassure them of their place in the royal family, despite their official emancipation as of March 31.

Last Monday, as he took his seat for the Commonwealth service, Prince Charles, who had already taken the trouble to speak with Harry, smiled well at Meghan, a daughter-in-law whose energy and modernity he had long admired. But for Meghan, the bitterness is all the greater. Like a taste of too late.

Harry and Meghan in procession behind the Queen, Charles and Camilla, Kate and William, at the end of the Commonwealth Service at Westminster on March 9, 2020. – Bestimage


“One can’t help but wonder if everything would’ve been different if a family member or two had stepped up to defend them.”

The Duchess was often surprised by the lack of effusions within the royal family. But what she found most disconcerting was the lack of support shown during the storms that hit her and her husband, “They knew something had to change, but they wanted to continue to serve the Queen.

You can’t help but wonder if everything would have been different if a family member or two had stepped up to defend them during the worst hours,” writes Omid Scobie, as a spokesman for Meghan whom he has known for years.

Last October, Harry’s wife herself had already suggested that she would have appreciated hearing from him, after she had just given birth and the tabloid press had become increasingly angry with her, in the documentary Harry & Meghan: An African Journey.

Should she blame herself? Sophie de Wessex, among others, did offer her a hand, but unfortunately it was refused when she had just joined “The Firm”. The Sussex, themselves, have multiplied the bad signals by wishing – too quickly – to emancipate themselves from Kate and William, and worse, by leading a sumptuous life with little connection with their great speeches.

Difficult for the Queen, blameless during the last 68 years of her reign, as for the other good students of the Crown marching in step, to support the Sussex, too eager to shake up the lines as they saw fit.

Just as she had remained surprisingly silent at Diana’s death, Elizabeth II chose reserve, reason over emotion, dignity over lowering herself to the level of the British tabloids.Never explain, never complain… Never explain, never complain… A Windsorian motto still incomprehensible to Meghan, obviously.

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