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Meghan Markle facing justice: will her father in poor health be able to testify?


While Meghan Markle’s trial against Associated Newspapers will take place in the fall of 2021, it is unclear whether her father will be present at the hearing. Justice is ready to reach out to her.

It’s a never-ending judicial arm wrestling match that Thomas Markle may not attend. “In poor health” or “dying”, he who would find the legal process “stressful” according to ITV correspondent Chris Ship, Meghan Markle’s father, fears that he will not be able to speak at the trial between his famous daughter and the parent company of the Mail on Sunday, Associated Newspapers, for “violation of privacy.

But if there was still doubt, the British justice system is ready to offer him the necessary means to testify, in case he could not travel to London to attend the hearing. Thus, and still according to journalist Chris Ship, the septuagenarian will be able to “make a statement” to the High Court if his state of health would not allow him to fly to the capital of the United Kingdom from Mexico, where he lives.

As the British tabloid The Mirror reported on Wednesday, November 18, Thomas Markle learned with concern and irritation that the lawsuit brought by the Duchess of Sussex against Associated Newspapers – following the publication of an intimate letter in the columns of the Mail on Sunday in February 2019 – had been postponed for an unspecified reason in the fall of 2021, when it was initially scheduled for January.

Recognized as an “important witness” by the lawyers of the Anglo-Saxon media, against whom Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are showing revenge, the retired director of photography wanted more than anything that his word be heard, he who is, to this day, in perpetual conflict with the former actress.

His testimony allowed but not essential

But while he could express himself, either in person or through a deposition, Judge Mark Warby felt that “subjective thoughts and feelings seem to be, in any event objectively, a relatively minor aspect of the case as a whole”. He added: “it is not suggested that Mr. Markle’s testimony on these matters is an essential element of the defense.

” But also, “there is no indication that Mr. Markle would not be available to testify later next year … no medical evidence to suggest that a delay would make his availability less likely.” It should be remembered, however, that Thomas Markle underwent emergency heart surgery in 2018, before his daughter said “yes” for life to Prince Harry.

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