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Harry Meghan Engagement interview: She Will Give Her First Interview Since Her Exile On Monday.


Meghan Markle will break the silence for the first time since moving to Los Angeles in an event interview for ABC. Prince Harry’s wife is expected to talk about her collaboration with the Disney group, but many fear that she will unleash herself on the royal family.

Here is an announcement that promises a real event. Since moving to Los Angeles with Prince Harry at the end of March, Meghan Markle has remained very discreet. If her husband expressed himself in a podcast and made a nice statement to the British who volunteer to help the fight against the coronavirus, on the side of the pretty brunette, silence was the order of the day, but not for much longer according to the English website Express.

Archie’s mother will appear in an exclusive interview in Good Morning America on ABC channel this Monday, April 20, 2020. Meghan Markle will break the silence to talk about her recent collaboration with Disney, and for good reason, she is the narrator of the documentary Elephant, which follows a herd of African elephants on an epic journey together. ABC has started to broadcast multiple teasers, proof that this speaking out is an event.

It is not known when the interview was taped, nor is it known if she will talk about her new life, with Harry, since she officially left her royal duties last month. Still, for those who want to make up their minds about the Elephant documentary before discovering the interview, just go to the Disney Plus streaming platform. It remains to be seen whether this collaboration with this great group could herald future projects or whether Meghan Markle will finally decide to get closer to other directors or producers to relaunch her career.

Photo credits : AGENCY / BESTIMAGE

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