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Meghan Markle embarrassed by her best friend accused of racism


Jessica Mulroney was fired after making derogatory comments about a black influence. A new controversy that her best friend Meghan Markle would have been fine with…

Since May 25, when African-American George Floyd died during a police arrest, many Internet users have been denouncing police violence and racist acts on social networks.

In this particularly tense context, 40-year-old Jessica Mulroney made disparaging remarks about a black influence. Sasha Exeter says she had a violent argument with Meghan Markle’s best friend about racism and white privilege.

In an attempt to put an end to the controversy, Mulroney – who also allegedly threatened to terminate all her partnerships with the influencer – shared her apology on Instagram: “I want to assure you that I meant every word I said in my apology to Sasha … I had no intention of compromising her partnerships. We had a disagreement and it got out of hand. For that, I am sorry,” she wrote.

A Break from Social Networks

She further assured that she had been sensitized by Meghan Markle about racism. At the same time, the stylist decided to take a break from social networks and use this free time to allow black personalities to “share their experience” on her account by proposing to Sasha Exeter to take control of it “whenever she wants”.

In the midst of the bad buzz, the stylist who had played a leading role in the organisation of Meghan Markle’s wedding was dismissed from her position at Hudson’s Bay store on Thursday 11 June.

“As we move forward, our leaders and ambassadors must reflect our brand’s inclusiveness, equality and respect for all. We will tolerate nothing less,” commented the department store chain’s management. In addition, its reality TV series that was scheduled to air on the Netflix platform has been cancelled.

In a tweet posted by Canada’s CTV Television Network, the message reads: “Bell Media and CTV encourage our entire team, including on-air talent, to practice respect, inclusiveness and alliance as we commit to working better and more openly to listen to and amplify black voices, not minimize them.


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