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Meghan Markle: Discover her nickname for Prince Harry


In James Corden’s “Late Late Show”, Meghan Markle revealed her private nickname for Prince Harry.

“He’s the worst guide in Los Angeles!”. Invited by James Corden to take a trip to the City of Angels, where he recently settled, Prince Harry did not only tease his friend. In the Late Late Show, William’s brother was also treated to a whole bunch of surprises, including a small appearance by his wife Meghan Markle. During a FaceTime conversation with the English host, who wanted to show him (and sell him!) the famous house of the Prince of Bel-Air, she dropped the nickname she privately gives Harry.

“It would be nice but we’re tired of moving. So Haz, how is your little trip going”, she asks the father of their son Archie (21 months old). “Haz,” you read that right. “Ah, well, I didn’t know they were supposed to call you Haz from now on,” laughs James Corden, before the Duke of Sussex gives her the best answer: “Well, you’re not my wife!”.

It was toxic

Between two jokes, William’s brother also brought up more serious subjects. Starting with his departure from the royal family, before they moved to California. “It was never a question of running away, but rather of going down a notch,” he justified, evoking “a difficult environment”: “We all know how the British press behaves. And it was destroying my sanity. It was toxic. I did what any husband or father would do, I said to myself that I had to take my family away from all this (…) but I will always be at the service of others, wherever I am in the world”. Next (much) anticipated confidences on March 7, at Oprah Winfrey.

Photo credits : AGENCY / BESTIMAGE

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