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Meghan Markle: Another blow, her brother-in-law accused of domestic violence


Meghan Markle’s family gives her no respite. Her brother-in-law is said to have punched her sister in the face and is therefore accused of domestic violence.

Meghan Markle is in the midst of a new scandal against her will. Prince Harry’s wife has a very conflictual relationship with her family members, who don’t miss an opportunity to tarnish her image. This time, it is her brother-in-law who is in the news.

Mark Philips, 62, has been charged with domestic violence for allegedly beating Samantha Markle, currently in a wheelchair, at their home in Lakeland, Florida, on December 14. He allegedly raised his hand on his girlfriend after she asked him for help getting out of the bathroom late at night.

According to the British media, which apologized to Prince Harry after spreading false rumours against him, Meghan Markle’s brother-in-law was taken to Polk County Jail on the day of the alleged attack and released pending trial.

Samantha Markle reportedly told police that her husband had punched her in the face. After the incident, he reportedly fled the scene, but was later arrested as the “primary aggressor” and charged with domestic violence. This would not be the first time that Mark Philips had dealt with law enforcement.

A family under high tension

So it was a year of high tension for Meghan Markle. In addition to having to deal with family dramas with members of her own tribe, she also has to deal with the fallout from the Megxit.

On March 31st, the agreement with the British Royal Family is due to end, which would prevent Meghan Markle and Prince Harry from keeping their royal patronage. Little Archie’s parents would even consider coming back to the United Kingdom to conduct face-to-face negotiations.

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