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Meghan Markle and Sophie Winkleman


In an interview with The Times, actress Sophie Winkleman, who has been married for 11 years to Lord Frederick Windsor, a member of the British monarchy, shared her (positive) experience with her royal in-laws.

Has Meghan Markle exaggerated? Now settled in Los Angeles with her husband, Prince Harry, the Duchess of Sussex seems far from the pressure exerted around the British royal family. For the former actress of the series Suits, the reception reserved by the monarchy, and in particular Kate Middleton, will not have been with the height.

Between tensions and reframing, she never ceased to deplore a blatant lack of support from her in-laws. A feeling that has never been experienced by any other actress who is also a married member of the Windsor Dynasty. Actress Sophie Winkleman, who appeared in My Uncle Charlie or Murder in Paradise, has “never had a negative experience” with her husband’s family, as she revealed in The Times.

Married for 11 years to Lord Frederick Windsor, the actress is the daughter-in-law of Michael de Kent, the first cousin of Queen Elizabeth II. In an interview with our British colleagues, Sophie Winkleman made a point of sharing her feelings about the royal family. “I was incredibly welcomed with open arms by all of them,” she said. “They would never reprimand me if I chose to play certain roles,” she said.

Sophie Winkleman, avec son époux, Lord Frederick Windsor, lors du tournoi de Wimbledon, le 12 juillet 2019.
Sophie Winkleman with her husband, Lord Frederick Windsor, at the Wimbledon tournament on July 12, 2019.


Well-integrated unlike Meghan Markle

Often compared to Meghan Markle, Sophie Winkleman does not know this distant relative well enough to judge her. “I’ve met her a few times, but not well enough to get to know her. She certainly has a very admirable energy and interest (in things),” she confessed.

Also coming from a commoner background, with a father she describes as a “socialist on the edge of Marxism”, the 40-year-old actress has nevertheless been able to fit into the mold of the royal family. And this is thanks to her education.

“My parents gave me self-confidence. (…). They gave me a good education and it gives you the impression that you can fit into any group, so it wasn’t too intimidating,” she explained. A spade to Meghan Markle? Although less exposed within the British Royal Family, Sophie Winkleman insists that the Windsor people are very welcoming. A feeling decidedly different from that of Meghan Markle?

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