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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry forced to pay a very large sum to charity


Will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle be left out of pocket? After losing a golden contract, the Sussexes are going to have to pay back a huge debt.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are going to have to reach into their wallets. Through their foundation, MWX, the Sussexes are going to pay off an outstanding debt to an unnamed nonprofit organization. In official documents, we learn that a claim of 213,000 pounds had been received from a creditor regarding a grant due to a “non-profit company”. If Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have already repaid 134,500 pounds, their debt has increased. Since they did not pay it back in time, the interest has increased the remaining amount by almost 28,000 pounds. When they closed their business, a surplus of 213,000 pounds from the closing was paid as a “grant” to a “not-for-profit company”, Harry and Meghan’s eco-travel company, Travalyst Ltd, according to the Daily Mail.

“In accordance with the terms of the grant agreement, we receive income and expenditure reports on the use of grant funds to show that they are being used in accordance with the charity’s objectives,” the liquidators reported. Almost a year ago, the Sussexes appointed a voluntary liquidator to wind up the charity they had set up, Sussex Royal, to sever their link with Britain for good. Since then, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have created another one, Archewell, this time domiciled in the United States. So for them, financial problems are piling up. For if they signed big contracts with Spotify and then Netflix, the series of the duchess was canceled by the video platform. With the termination of Pearl, Meghan Markle has therefore said goodbye to potential sources of income.

“For Prince Harry and Meghan markle, it’s a big loss of money”

“Meghan Markle had big plans for Pearl, ranging from comforter covers with the logo, coloring books, pens, etc, confided an expert of the Crown. This could have been a huge source of money if handled properly. It’s not necessarily his fault no matter what people think, things turn around and TV stations decide they don’t want to spend anymore. For Harry and Meghan, it’s a big waste of money.” For now, their other projects with Netflix are not yet on the chopping block. Although the American giant is annoyed against Prince Harry, who is producing a documentary on the Invictus Games. Netflix officials would not have appreciated that he agrees to give interviews to competing channels, and reveals the details of his visit to the Queen, when he came to the Netherlands.

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  1. Years ago we all knew what evil looked like. Today evil is disguised and it pretends to having good motives. All this charity nonsense with Meghan Markle when really she just wants to become wealthy and she is trying to use Harry and her association with the Royal Family for this end. The woman is ultimately foollish as there will be no more Royal Family for her. Americsns have one God and this is money. Even the so called godly expect god to make them wealthy too.

  2. Now what has happened to free speech and free to air our opinions. ???? They say my comment is awaiting moderation. What the heck does this mean????


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